Oct 22, 2021
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Two Muscle Studs Sixty Nine

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Fit young hottie David Circus and hung mixed race stud Ken Ten indulge in a hot passionate oral session, with loads of horny mutual cock sucking and 69ing in different positions, climaxing with David shooting tons as he gets a sticky facial from Kens throbbing dick. 

Our hot studs start off on the sofa, barechested, wearing just their shiny sports shorts with no underwear. As they start to kiss, they get a feel of each others fit bodies, both lads are nicely muscled and smooth. David starts licking Kens nipple, and his hand moves down to Kens white shorts to rub his bulge, which grows to an impressive size as it gets rock solid. 

They kiss some more, and Ken reaches down to get a feel of Davids meat, and he squeezes it through the fabric of Davids shorts, then he reaches inside, and pulls his dick out the side of his shorts. Its thick and uncut, only semi hard, hanging down. Ken jerks him off gently as they kiss. David leans over Ken, and pulls his shorts down, revealing his thick solid throbbing eight incher. 

David holds it up at the base, then starts gently licking and sucking on the big head.. Its a thick meaty cock, and it really stretches Davids mouth wide open as he tries to suck deeper, only managing to get about halfway.. eager for him to go deeper, Ken grips Davids head firmly and starts to push it down harder on his dick, making him get more of it down. 

Eager to get sucked himself, David leans back on the sofa now, and lets Ken demonstrate his oral skills… Ken takes hold of Davids cock, gets it really wet, then pretty much swallows the whole thing down deep, then jerks him off a bit while licking the end of his cock. He goes back to sucking, with some great deepthroat, making David moan, then lets David fuck his mouth hard and fast. 

David gives Ken another horny sucking on the sofa, and after that, Ken stands up. David gets down onto his knees, opening his mouth wide once more, as he gets back into some very hot oral action. He manages to suck a little deeper in this position, and alternates between sucking and jerking Ken off. Ken fucks his mouth a bit here too, seems he cant stop himself.. 

David stands, and lets Ken demonstrate his deepthroating skills on him as he effortlessly gets all of Davids cock right down his throat. Some great close ups of this from Davids point of view, looking down as the entire length of his cock goes in and out of Kens mouth. This is some great sucking..

For a final position, they move to floor and get into a 69 position, on their sides.. Both guys have really throbbing dicks by this stage, and we have some great high angle shots of them sucking each others big cocks simultaneously, getting themselves closer and closer to climaxing.. 

After some seriously hot action, Ken stands up, moving round to David as he sits up, then pushes his fat dick back into Davids mouth, to bring him to the edge.. David sucks him as he jerks himself off, and its not long before Ken takes hold of his dick to beat away hard and fast, till the jizz starts spewing out over Davids face and mouth. He squeezes out ever last drop, then lets David lick the cum off the end before pushing his dick back into Davids mouth to make him swallow every last drop.. 

David cant hold off anymore, and as he starts to jerk off, his cock starts squirting jet after jet of hot spunk all the way up his chest, hitting him on the shoulder and spraying his pecs, then slowly dribbling down in thick streams as the lads gets their breath back. 

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